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Women of Achievement: Bethany Wingerson

Bethany Wingerson began studying dance at the age of two and began training at a professional level when she was 11 years old. In the years following, she studied and performed with numerous dance companies and schools in Pittsburgh and across the country, including The Walnut Hill School for Performing Arts in Boston, The Atlanta Ballet, The Boston Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and Point Park College Dance Conservatory.   

She also danced, and was a featured dancer and soloist with a number of ballet and modern dance performing companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Bethany has been teaching and choreographing dance since she was a teenager, having most recently taught for Pat’s Dance Studio for eight years. She took ownership of the school in 2003, and established Steel City Academy of Dance in Duquesne. There, she strives to offer dancers in the Mon Valley the type of professional-level training she received as a dancer, while ensuring her students are cared for, nurtured, and supported as they grow as dancers and individuals. Bethany hopes to instill in her dancers discipline and respect for the art of dance, a sense of empowerment and self-esteem, and the freedom to explore their individuality.  

Since 2002, she has worked to develop and maintain programs designed to offer safety and support to victims of domestic violence, empowering survivors to find the strength and resources to live a life free from abuse.

In her position as Director of Domestic Violence Services at Center for Victims, as well as in her role at her dance studio, Bethany is committed to providing the support and encouragement that her clients and dancers need to develop respect for themselves and others, to demand respect in their lives, and overall to live safe and fulfilling lives.  Bethany doesn’t just teach choreography; She instills confidence and encourages teamwork. She works to grow each individual dancer’s confidence so that they can carry these life lessons in and out of their dance classes. She uses her dance classes as a foundation that helps youth grow to be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally, all while learning how to express themselves through the beautiful art of dance. 


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