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Women of Achievement: Cathy Turner

Cathy Turner was born in Duquesne, and brought up in the Woodland Hills school district. Growing up, she faced the struggles of divorce and poverty, and established a deep connection within her community. As she tried to find her way and create a positive impact for herself and her community members, Cathy fell in love with entrepreneurship and created C.M.C.S., a residential and commercial cleaning company. Cathy operates this company out of two locations.

Cathy is a mother to four biological children, a community mother to hundreds of Woodland Hills students, and a grandmother to her grandson.

She chose to raise all of her children as Wolverines and became actively involved in any sport or activity that any of her children showed an interest in. She was the President of the Woodland Hills High School Football Booster Association for eight seasons with Coach George Novak. When the games were over, she gave all of her attention and love back on the community, as she worked with a group called “Moms of Misunderstood" providing support to students in the school district.

Cathy is a woman who has worked to turn her own personal tragedy into positive action for her community

In November of 2017, Cathy lost her 16-year-old twin son, Jerame, to gun violence.

This devastating loss pushed Cathy to channel her pain toward a stronger purpose. Cathy has become a first, second, or third mom for teens struggling in the community. She is currently the community liaison for the Greater Valley Community Space, where she plans to change lives every day.

Cathy carries herself with positivity, determination, and a glow that extends to everything she does and every person she touches. She is a community leader, an activist, and a mom to fellow community members and youth. 


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