MHF takes care of people with the help of others.

MHF is a non-profit, community-based, Pennsylvania corporation that builds an endowment to benefit and provide funding support for health-related charitable entities located in the communities served by UPMC McKeesport. This funding support is derived from special events, grants, donations, annual drives, and other Foundation solicitations. These contributions will help ensure the continued availability and delivery of healthcare services for such communities. This is our mission.


MHF aims at being an enduring cornerstone in the Mon Valley communities, one which the communities can trust to be a source of support and which can assist in the betterment of local resources. This is our vision.


In order to accomplish our mission and realize our vision, MHF works to continually reestablish the support of the community, demonstrating that for every dollar we are given by donors and sponsors, that dollar is given right back to those in the Mon Valley most in need. 


MHF works hand-in-hand with the community and with UPMC McKeesport, providing various programs and funding others' programs and projects. It is only through long-established and ever-growing partnerships that we are able to support the Mon Valley as expansively. By engaging with as many community members as possible, MHF finds opportunities for collaboration, synergy, and growth. This way the needs can be met in a way that is thoughtful, minimizing unnecessary duplication and maximizing beneficial impact of efforts.


We are able to continually provide for some of the most underserved communities through numerous sources of funding, as noted in our mission. Our board of directors makes every financial decision very thoughtfully. The mindset for MHF and our board is always: how can we have the biggest impact with every dollar? We are mindful of making sure that our investment income covers our operations so that every donation received can go back to the communities.


For more information about our programs, click here.


We have big goals, but with your help, we know we can achieve them.

  1. To make MHF more sustainable, by reducing operational expenses by 10% over the next two years.

  2. To increase our grant giving (including community health and wellbeing) by 25% over the next five years.

  3. To reduce the number of MHF fundraisers to three per year, but increase their impact within three years.

  4. To generate new corporate and individual donations, increasing our current contributors by 10% over the next two years.

  5. To see an overall improvement in the health and the wellbeing of the average Mon Valley resident by 2025.


We are People Caring for People.

Eliana has been the Director of Development at the Foundation since January 2015 after graduating from American University with a degree in International Relations. Currently, Eliana is attending Duquesne University in pursuit of a dual Master's degree in Corporate Communications and Business Administration. 

Director of Development

Eliana Dragisic


Christina has come to MHF with over 7 years of non-profit development experience. She obtained her degree from Carlow University, where she majored in Corporate Communications , Business Management and History. She has a vast experience with an array of non-profits, some of which focused on women in recovery, international public health, public media, childhood education and animals.

Manager of Special Events and Development

Christina McLachlan

Carl P. Kovski

Board President

Irving J. Latterman

Board Vice President

Donald W. Beck, D.P.M.

Board Treasurer

Richard P. Bondi, M.D.

Board Member

D. James Heatherington

Board Member

Alma Hoffman

Board Member

Laura Jenkins

Board Member

Mary Ann Latusek

Board Member

John E. MacDonald

Board Member

Rebecca Shaw McHolme

Board Member

Jill Mohlman

Board Member

Madhusudanan Nair, M.D.

Board Member

Nadeem Islam, M.D.

Ex-Officio Board Member

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