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Women of Achievement: Jamie Brewster Filotei

Jamie Brewster Filotei is a lifelong resident of McKeesport. She graduated with Honors from McKeesport Area High School in 1991, and after graduation, she was awarded a basketball scholarship to attend Mansfield University, where she earned her teaching degree. Jamie’s dream to teach led her back to McKeesport in 1997, and she is currently employed by the McKeesport Area School District in her 22nd year as a fourth-grade teacher. Jamie is also serving her second term on McKeesport City Council and holds the Vice President seat.  

A resilience leader is a woman who inspires others through her ability to overcome obstacles in her personal life, and Jamie encapsulates that definition. She is a woman of strength, knowledge, and a determination that refuses to let anything get in her way.

Just under a year ago, Jamie was diagnosed with non-small-cell lung carcinoma. Her diagnosis was a shock to Jamie and her family, but she didn’t let it get her down. She immediately began researching the disease and talking with doctors. While not curable, it is, fortunately, able to be managed. 

She had to take some time off from teaching, but she continued her involvement with the school district she so dearly loves and plans to return to the classroom in October. 

Jamie is proud to be a city councilwoman in McKeesport. Her diagnosis never stopped her from continuing her involvement with the city by not only attending council meetings, but taking part in numerous city functions and events; including volunteering at The Wall That Heals, helping visitors find their loved ones and friends on the Vietnam Veterans Wall Memorial. 

She inspires the community because of her caring and dedicated heart. Jamie's heart is humble, it is a heart that has pride, and it is a heart that is fearless. She has taught her fellow community members to remain positive in the face of disappointment and adversity and to keep moving forward despite challenges. 

Jamie is married to Ken Filotei and has two wonderful children, TJ and Nina.


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