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Spotlight: The Mon Valley Providers Council

We love the Mon Valley Providers Council and here's why...

The Foundation would like to present The Mon Valley Providers Council with this week's community spotlight! The MVPC, Mon Valley Providers Council, is a program through the Human Services Center Corporation ,HSCC, which has the purpose to work with individuals, families, and groups in the Mon Valley communities! The Human Services Center Corporation is located right in Turtle Creek and the MVPC is administered and staffed by the HSCC ! The MVPC involves its member organizations in Work Groups, which focus on four main crucial issues in the Mon Valley, Employment and Training, Health, Housing, and Youth ! These amazing Working Groups involve over 250 staff of different agencies in the area! The MVPC has a strong presence to promote cooperation, coordination, and collaboration to fill the gaps the Mon Valley communities have in human services. For more information on the HSCC or the MVPC, please check out their website below ! Again, congratulations to the Mon Valley Providers Council on this week's community spotlight!


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