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Spotlight: Penn State Greater Allegheny

We love Penn State Greater Allegheny and here's why...

The McKeesport Hospital Foundation would like to highlight Penn State University Greater Allegheny as this week's Community Spotlight! Since 1957, Penn State Greater Allegheny has been located right here in McKeesport, PA! The University has three major priorities which include: serving their students, serving the University, and serving the community! The University has recently started a program on their campus that focuses on food insecurity and that information can be found on…/campus-helps-combat-food- insecurity ! Penn State University of Greater Allegheny is located right in most of our backyards and they offer many majors and resources not only for their students and their families but the community as well! They have open house dates that can be found on their website but they are also willing to meet prospective students of any age and their families at any time ! Penn State Greater Allegheny Admissions We want to thank Penn State University Greater Allegheny for all the work they have done not only on their campus, but in the community as well!


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